Fearless Bird

The little bird sits in it’s nest waiting for it’s mother to feed him. All big eyes and fluffy feathers. Unable to move more than a couple of inches in fear of falling from the nest so high in the sky. Then one day the little bird just decides he’s ready, ready to leave it’s home and see what else is out there in the big beyond. He climbs to the edge and just steps off. He’s never practised before, doesn’t know if he will fall to the ground or soar above the trees. He doesn’t let the fear take over, it’s just instinct so ingrained in his DNA that fear is not an emotion that he can comprehend. He just steps out. The little bird spreads his wings and lets instinct take over and he soars above it all. He leaves the nest behind and sets upon a new adventure, a new life.

We as humans can learn a lot from these beautiful creatures. We’ve let ourselves believe that fear is a common feeling, something that we use as an excuse to prevent us from stepping off the ledge. Fear shouldn’t be an excuse, it shouldn’t even be a word in our vocabulary. Let’s learn from the little bird, let’s let instinct take over. If we listened to our inner selves more we might even find freedom on the other side of ‘fear’.


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